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Things I've Learned


45 Things I’ve Learned



            At 2:19 pm on July 15th, 2007 I turned 45 years old.  Here are 45 Things I’ve learned from life so far:


  1. You can eat a potato without butter, sour cream, cheese, gravy or fried in oil and it’s still good. 
  2. Believing in your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. 
  3. Women need women. 
  4. Men have feelings. 
  5. Pretty little white butterflies in your garden means you have worms in your broccoli. 
  6. It pays to start your day with prayer and scriptures. 
  7. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong if you admit it. 
  8. When you find out you’re wrong, shut up and quit arguing. 
  9. You’re pretty much as happy or as miserable as you want to be. 
  10. Walking two miles a day keeps depression at bay. 
  11. A full cookie jar is the most magical appliance in the kitchen.  If the cookie jar is full no one complains that dinner isn’t ready or that dinner is bad.  If the cookie jar is full company feels like you were expecting them.   
  12. Don’t try to reason with a two year old. 
  13. A family without traditions is like toast without butter—a little on the dry side.   
  14. Everyone has something they can teach you. 
  15. Regardless of the phrase “You’ve got to earn my trust,” trust is ultimately a gift that you give to someone. 
  16. If the kitchen and bathroom are clean the whole house feels clean. 
  17. The human body contains about a half cup of salt and without it, muscles wouldn’t contract, blood wouldn’t circulate, food wouldn’t digest, and the heart wouldn’t beat.  
  18. Parent paydays are better than any work bonus. 
  19. Cali’s imagination will always dream bigger and better than any surprise I have planned, so just tell her my plan and then neither one of us are disappointed. 
  20. Learning builds confidence. 
  21. Don’t judge a book by its cover because some artists aren’t nearly as good as some authors and some artists are a whole lot better than some authors. 
  22. History does indeed repeat itself. 
  23. God lives. 
  24. There is a lot of power in a little wall of water called a tsunami.   
  25. You can live on less than you think you can. 
  26. Comparing yourself to others is a stupid game that has no winners.  There are funner games to play. 
  27. There is such a thing as a perfect day. 
  28. Take the breath mint. 
  29. Baggy clothes really don’t make you look thinner. 
  30. We tend to prefer the smell of people who have different smells to our own and tend to be repelled by people whose smell is similar to our own. 
  31. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
  32. Miracles are common, miraculous but common. 
  33. Recipes are like kids—women collect them by the dozens, add their own touch, exchange them with neighbors and friends, and are always looking for the perfect one. 
  34. A nap is a healthy luxury. 
  35. Don’t forget to grease the wheel that doesn’t squeak. 
  36. You don’t have to touch or see or taste or hear to know. 
  37. There is a small village in the Alps that only gets a few hours of sunlight in the winter because they are in such a deep valley.  The mayor of this village had a HUGE mirror installed on the side of one of the neighboring mountains, so that the village would have more hours of sunlight due to the reflection. 
  38. My ignorance never ceases to amaze me. 
  39. Adulation is poison. 
  40. Creativity is nothing more and nothing less than solving a problem in an original way. 
  41. A prompting to do good is usually followed by a stupid thought to talk you out of doing it. 
  42. Each person (except identical twins) has his or her own individual smell. 
  43. Love is a paradox; it hurts and feels good, it’s simple and complex. 
  44. Mankind is amazing. 
  45. Never underestimate the power one person has to make a difference.

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